Fish Market

Santa Pola Fish Market is fascinating to watch and makes for a pleasant evening during a stay in this lovely seaside town. Santa Pola has a rich seafaring history and to this day boasts one of the largest fishing boat fleets of any port on the Mediterranean sea. With its series of stone jetties to the north of the marina, it's also possible for visitors to try a bit of fishing themselves. The jetties also make perfect hiding places for crabs so you can have great fun crabbing with your kids. This is one of those activities that keep the young ones amused for hours and costs virtually nothing.

Fish Market
Source: Flickr / TijsB

Santa Pola Fish Market

Santa Pola Fish Market is located on Calle del Muelle in the harbour and is run like a well oiled machine. After watching the fishing fleet race for the harbour in order to be the first to get their catch on the conveyor, head inside to watch the fascinating auction. To the casual eye, when the conveyors start rolling it looks like pure pandemonium but is in actual fact very well organised. Tiered seating gives bidders a clear view of the crates of catch as they come into the auction house. Large digital displays show the weight of the fish in each crate. Depending on what catch is being displayed, the price starts high and gradually decreases until someone successfully bids.


Fish Market Stalls

Outside the Fish Market are a number of stalls. Here locals and visitors can get in on the action. Although you won't be bidding, it doesn't hurt to do a bit of haggling. Some of the fresh fish and seafood you may find on the stalls includes sea bream, bass, red snapper, sardines, octopus, squid, crabs, prawns, lobster, langostines, mussels and clams. Keep an eye out for the small bright red prawns prized for their wonderfully sweet flesh that can cost an arm and leg in the supermarkets. All that's left is to find a quiet little cove and get your fresh catch on the BBQ.

Central Market

Santa Pola's Central Market (Mercado Central) is the place to visit for the tastiest Spanish treats. Practically every Spanish town and city, and even some villages, will have a central market.