Go-karting offers thrills and hopefully not spills for all the family during a stay in Santa Pola. What makes go-karting such an exciting activity is the feeling you are doing twice the speed you actually are. This sensation comes from the karts being so low to the track, making the ride seem faster than it is. The karts made these days also produce punchy torque, getting you up to full speed in no time. Kids will enjoy the less speedy karts and small track at Pola Park. Teens and adults with a need for speed will have to travel a bit further afield for faster karting tracks.

Elche Go-Karting

Elche Karting Club is located on Carrer Algorfa on the edge of the Poligono Industrial Estate. This lovely green city is just 20 minutes drive from Santa Pola and has many other activities and attractions to enjoy on a day out. The karting club welcomes individuals, families and groups and has the facilities to host celebrations, special occasions and corporate events. With a number of hairpin bends, the track is a challenging one for all experience levels. Well maintained karts are available for most ages and include SR BI-Kart Biplaza, SJ1-Kart Junior and the fast 270cc SR3.

San Fulgencio Go-Karting

Go-Karts San Fulgencio is located on the N-332 coastal road between Guardamar and La Marina. This is less than 15 minutes drive from Santa Pola, and the nearby La Marina Camping & Resort offers further activities at its recently opened aqua park. The track equipment and karts at Go-Karts San Fulgencio could do with a bit of upgrading. However, this track has stood the test of time and still makes for a fun outing. Both kids and adult karts are available, but at busy times expect a bit of a wait as the two age groups cannot use the track at the same time.

Orihuela Costa Go-Karting

The superb Go-Karts Orihuela Costa is well worth the 40 minute drive. These guys have pulled out all the stops to provide a facility with something for everyone. Boasting both kids and adult tracks and Formula I style digital lap displays, this is the ultimate karting experience. Available karts come in various engine capacities and include adult karts, teen karts, kids karts, double karts and cute little quad bikes. There are also great facilities for younger children such as a boating pond and bouncy castle. A variety of food and drink is available from the cafeteria.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the most popular activities to enjoy during a visit to Santa Pola. The area's wonderful countryside, beaches, lakes and natural parks are criss-crossed with pleasant nature trails.