Be Water Sports Santa Pola

Be Water Sports Santa Pola is located on Carrer del Mar, just 100 metres from the beach. Santa Pola is a popular destination for a number of water sports, especially wind and board sports. The nearby island of Tabarca is also very popular for snorkelling and scuba diving within its marine reserve. Due to this, Santa Pola is home to several dive shops and a dive academy. Visitors wishing to try their hand at windsurfing, stand up paddle or kayaking will find a choice of water sports operators located near the marina, including the excellent Be Water Sports Santa Pola.

Be Water Sports Santa Pola

Be Water Sports Santa Pola are a relatively new club, although they have over 10 years experience in teaching a number of water sports disciplines. Their instructors are currently competing at national level in windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP (stand up paddle). Through a variety of courses, sports school and summer camp they aim to pass on their expertise to their students. For those who already have some experience, they also offer equipment hire. This includes SUP,  big SUP, windsurf, solo kayak and double kayak. Equipment hire is for 1 hour, 2 hours or a full day. Prices are reduced the longer you hire the equipment and they offer extra session bonuses.

Stand Up Paddle Courses

Stand Up Paddle 20 + 40 – This does not require previous experience or a high fitness level. Students are given a 20 minute class with the instructor followed by 40 minutes practice time.

Stand Up Paddle 90 – This does not require previous experience or a high fitness level. This is a great course for those wishing further instruction as the whole 90 minute session is supervised.

Windsurfing Courses

Windsurf 90 – The windsurfing courses are adaptable to the student's experience level, from beginner to advanced classes. This course is in blocks of 90 minutes with an instructor.

Windsurf 3 Hour – This course gives students two sessions of 90 minutes over two days. This is the minimum level of instruction needed to practice on your own in simple conditions.

Group Activities

Women To The Sea – Every Tuesday and Thursday Be Water Sports Santa Pola arrange SUP and kayaking outings for groups of women. This activity requires some previous SUP experience.

SUP Fusion – This group activity is aimed at teaching students the correct type of 30 to 45 minute workout that exercises the right muscles for SUP. It can either begin or end with a short sea crossing. The activity requires a basic knowledge of SUP.

SUP Long Surf Crossing – Enjoy crossing one of Santa Pola's picturesque bays on a SUP or kayak guided by your instructors. The duration is 90 minutes and an intermediate level is required.

Windsurf Training – This is a step up from the basic short windsurf courses. It consists of group classes to learn windsurf technique, followed by guided training sessions using a buoy circuit. Training is done on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 15:30 to 17:00.

Discover Tabarca SUP + Training – On day 1 students have a 90 minute SUP training course at the surf centre. Day 2 includes round trip transportation to Tabarca Island. Once at the island you have SUP rental for the day to enjoy practising your new skills in the pristine marine reserve.

Discover Tabarca SUP – This is for those with some previous SUP experience. It includes round trip transportation to Tabarca Island and SUP rental for the day.

Sports School – This offers both physical and technical training in the water for young students. There are sessions for 7 to 14 year old's and 12 to 17 year old's. Bulk session bonuses are offered.

Surf Camps – Be Water Sports Santa Pola offer both spring and summer surf camps. They are very flexible with their camps and they include loads of different nautical experiences for kids as young as 5 years. It is possible to join one of the surf camps for just one day or even the whole season from June 20 to September 13. There is also the option for non English speaking kids to join their spring camp that combines various nautical sports with English learning classes.