Hot Air Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight is a truly magical experience that can be enjoyed during a visit to Santa Pola. This bustling seaside town is home to a great selection of activities for all ages. There are sports clubs and complexes offering a number of sporting disciplines both indoors and outdoors. The marina area is home to surf schools and scuba diving centres offering all sorts of courses and equipment. A bit further afield visitors will find more activities including a hot air balloon flight.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

The venue for the hot air balloon flight is just 25 minutes drive from Santa Pola in the inland village of Catral. The flight is run by Emocion Days who have fully qualified instructors and offer a number of other exciting experiences. These include driving, flying, aquatic, adventure, VIP, gourmet, wellbeing and winter experiences. The hot air balloon flight is shared. However, if you have a family or group of friends to make up the balloon's full capacity, you needn't share with strangers. A private flight for 2 including a spa experience is also available and great for couples.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Itinerary

Participants meet bright and early at the Marjal Eco Camping Resort in Catral. Once everyone has been introduced, you can participate in filling the balloon or just enjoy the spectacle of hundreds of metres of canvas transforming into a huge globe. Before hopping on board the basket you will be given a brief safety and orientation talk. Then it's time to reach for the skies with just the occasional sound of the burners giving lift. Weather permitting, the balloon can reach 1000m.

During the 50-60 minute flight the views are spectacular. You will get to see the coastline, lakes, distant mountains and Elche's famous palm groves. The invigorating early morning air will soon work up an appetite. This is taken care of once you are back on terra firma with a picnic in the nearby Hondo Natural Park. The picnic is served with a celebratory glass of refreshing cava. During the picnic all participants are awarded with a fun Flying Diploma.