Elche Palmeral Aventuras

Elche Palmeral Aventuras is a must visit attraction when enjoying a holiday in Santa Pola. As the name suggests, it is located on the outskirts of Elche yet just 15 minutes drive from Santa Pola. Adventure seekers and those with a head for heights will be in their element when visiting this thrilling park. Not only is it exciting, it's pretty too, making full use of the surrounding palms that make Elche famous throughout Europe. With the energy needed to take part in all the superb attractions, visitors can work up an appetite. This is taken care of at the park's snack bar. The park is large and the attractions challenging, so get there early for a day of fun and excitement.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras

The layout of the attractions at Elche Palmeral Aventuras take full advantage of the city's famous palms. Although the majority of attractions are for the more adventurous and physically fit, elderly visitors or those not keen in taking part in strenuous activities can enjoy a stroll among the palms or relax in the shade and read a book. There is also a pleasant lake to enjoy the less taxing activity of row-boating. Alternately, leave the thrill seekers at the park and head into the city. Here there are many historical buildings, landmarks and above all, the palm grove gardens.

Tri-action Tower

This is the highlight for the majority of visitors to Elche Palmeral Aventuras. At 22 metres high and with three sides for urban climbing, this is the highest multi-adventure tower in Europe. The tower features different levels of difficulty with resting platforms staggered throughout the climb. There is also a rope ladder for the less experienced and trained monitors to ensure safety.

Multi-Adventure Circuit

This is another favourite attraction of Elche Palmeral Aventuras. A total of 8 circuits using both ground and sky level obstacle courses featuring zip-lines, ropes, bridges, ramps and platforms can be configured to make up to 120 game challenges. These can be enjoyed by most age groups. A closed in safe area offers a variety of circuit challenges for younger children to have a go.


Don your safety helmet and strap into your harness before whizzing through the treetops like Tarzan. A total of 13 zip-lines are suspended among the trees with varying levels of difficulty to create a challenging zip-line course. Some are fast lines with no obstacles to overcome so you can just enjoy the speed while taking in the views. Others require you to traverse a variety of obstacles like suspended logs. There are easy ones and difficult ones, so everyone can have a go.


Thankfully the object here is not to eliminate other participants! A total of 6 galleries allow archers to practice their bow hunting skills using modern equipment for the best accuracy possible. The archery range is supervised by monitors to ensure safety is adhered to at all times.

Laser Camp

This area of the park is a favourite with action seekers and gamers looking to take their gaming skills on to the battlefield. There are 3  game scenarios to choose from, each with a maximum group of 10 soldiers and a duration of 30 minutes. Stealth, stamina and quick thinking will give you that needed advantage to defeat the enemy. Unlike the rather painful activity of paintball, players weapons use laser beams to target opponents who wear compatible vests that record accurate hits. Last Man Standing uses one team of soldiers out to eliminate each other from the game. Domination and Medic Rescue has two teams of soldiers and different game scenarios.

Boating Lake

If just reading about the above attractions leaves you feeling exhausted, the kind people at Elche Palmeral Aventuras have created a picturesque boating lake for more leisurely activities. the lake area of 2,000m2 is surrounded by palms and dotted with mini islands. The rowboats have room for 4 people. Should you wish, this attraction is available at night, great for romantic couples.

Snack Bar & Events

The visitors complex at Elche Palmeral Aventuras is home to a snack bar and dining terrace. A good selection of hot and cold drinks are available, and a varied and regularly updated menu ensures there is something for all budgets. The dining terrace overlooks a children's playground so you can make sure they stay safe while relaxing with a refreshing drink. Here you will also find clean ablutions and a multi-function room. The room is air conditioned and equipped with a range audiovisual media. This can be used for planning corporate team building events and a variety of celebrations. Marquees and a catering service is available for all special occasions.

Elche Palm Groves

Elche palm groves are one of the defining features of this lovely green city and can be reached in less than 20 minutes from Santa Pola.