Entertainment in Santa Pola is what you would expect from a popular seaside town, with much of the action taking place along the beach promenade and marina area. These are the areas that cater to the majority of holidaymakers. As is the case with any popular seaside town, the majority of beachfront establishments reflect their privileged setting in their prices. Moving further into the town centre the entertainment venues are less glitzy, with good value tapas bars, shops, cafes and restaurants where Santa Pola's local residents like to meet for drinks or a meal.

Bars & Nightclubs

Visitors prepared to get out and explore will find a good selection of bars spread throughout the town. Some of these offer entertainment in the form of music, karaoke and quiz nights. Others have large screen TV's and pool tables where locals and holidaymakers can catch up on sports, and rival bar teams arrange pool competitions. Exploring further you will find many tapas bars where these tasty little snacks are cheap as chips and sometimes free with your drink. There is a handful of British and Irish theme bars offering a taste of home with their beer and food choices. Then you have the family fun beach bars where the vibe is festive and children can play safely.

Aside from some lively late night bars and Anbar Karaoke Disco Pub, Recycled is Santa Pola's only nightclub. Even Recycled is more of a large bar with a dance floor than an actual nightclub. These, along with the town's theme bars offer live music nights and late closing hours. Visitors wishing to dance till dawn to the latest DJ sets will need to travel further afield. Neighbouring Elche has a few large nightclubs although the entertainment is predominantly Latin music. For the latest in popular music you will need to head to the larger cities of Alicante and Torrevieja.

Restaurants & Takeaways

The majority of restaurants in Santa Pola offer Mediterranean fare. Being a seaside town with a large fishing fleet, fresh fish and seafood features highly on these menus. Santa Pola's rice dishes, including delicious paella, are not to be missed. Not wishing to lose any custom, these restaurants will also feature a choice of salads and vegetarian dishes, steaks, ribs and other dishes that may appeal more to some holidaymakers. The town has a good selection of Italian restaurants, a few Indian and Chinese restaurants, and fine dining at the marina's yacht clubs.

Again, not wishing to lose out on any custom, practically every cafe, bar and restaurant will offer a takeaway service. There is also a good number of bakeries in Santa Pola. These offer a good choice of sweet and savoury snacks to take away. Pizza seems to be the locals favourite takeaway and pizzerias are found throughout the town. Another takeaway popular with locals are the small rotisserie chicken shops. This is delicious and one of the healthiest ways to enjoy chicken. You will also find a few kebab shops and the kids favourites, McDonald's and Burger King.

Shopping & Markets

Centro Commercial Polamax is a rather weird shopping complex. We presume it was built as more of an entertainment centre as it only has five shops. Cines Axion with 7 movie theatres provides the entertainment, and Gym Polamax offers weight training, exercise machines and a variety of adult and child dance and fitness classes. Exploring the town centre you will find all sorts of speciality shops, clothing stores, toys and accessories, mini-marts and supermarkets.

Not to be missed, especially if you are a seafood lover, is Santa Pola's excellent fish market. You can watch the frantic bidding in the auction room and browse the outdoor stalls for the freshest of the day's catch. The town also has a morning street market on Monday and Saturday, as well as a bustling daily central market selling mainly fresh produce. Serious market goers will find an excellent selection of further street and countryside markets in the surrounding towns and cities.