Central Market

Santa Pola's Central Market (Mercado Central) is the place to visit for the tastiest Spanish treats. Practically every Spanish town and city, and even some villages, will have a central market. Many locals choose to do their fresh produce shopping at the market as opposed to a supermarket. This is especially the case with the matriarch of the family. These determined ladies are ruthless in their haggling skills and will prod, poke and bargain until they get just what they want. They also shy away from pre-packed produce which costs a lot more than loose, unwashed fruit & veg.

Santa Pola Central Market

Located in the Plaza Maestro Quislant, Santa Pola's excellent Central Market is open daily from 8am – 2pm and closed on Sunday. Market stalls are located both indoors and outdoors. Here you will also find pleasant pavement cafes. These serve a selection of hot and cold drinks, sweet and savoury snacks, and many holidaymakers favourite, sinfully delicious churros. Whilst enjoying the delights of the cafes, market goers are often treated to live music performed by local artists and bands. So, when at the Central Market take the time to relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Central Market Products

The majority of stalls at Santa Pola's Central Market offer fresh produce. These include fresh fruit and vegetables, butchery and fishmonger stalls, bakery stalls and tempting delicatessen. Whether buying meat, fish or shellfish, the choice is excellent. Most stall holders will offer to chop, trim and dress your purchase and can advise on the best cuts for the meal you wish to prepare. Bakery stalls will tempt you with their delicious aromas. They serve all sorts of freshly baked bread and rolls as well as a great selection of sweet and savoury pies, pastries and cakes.

Fruit and vegetables are offered both pre-packed and loose. You may have to wash loose produce but you will make good savings and help the environment. Fruit & veg is usually of good quality and seasonal. However, some stalls will have out of season produce as well as some imported goods. Delicatessens in Spain are superb but can put a serious dent in your wallet or purse. Here you will find different grades of Serrano ham, cured ham, chorizo and other cured sausages, various dried fish, eggs, herbs, spices, tinned delicacies, pickles and delicious marinaded olives.

Street Market

Santa Pola Street Market is just one of many that can be found throughout the Costa Blanca. Street markets are commonplace in Spain and not just for picking up trinkets or gift items.