Takeaways in Santa Pola are handy for those on the go with no time to sit down to a traditional Spanish meal. The majority of restaurants in Santa Pola serve delicious Spanish cuisine with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood. However, some visitors, especially teens and kids, prefer to stick with what they're used to. They're also usually full of energy and don't want to spend hours over a meal. Be it lunch or dinner, the locals are in no hurry when enjoying a meal and see it as a time to catch up with family and friends. Therefore takeaways in Santa Pola do a roaring trade with visiting tourists. This doesn't have to be junk food as most restaurants will do takeaways.

Santa Pola Takeaways

The town has a surprisingly large amount of cafes and bakeries offering a more healthy choice of takeaways. These are mainly found around the central part of town as the prime seaside spots are taken up with restaurants. Cafes see a lot of their business in the mornings. This is when locals tend to enjoy a tostada (half toasted baguette) with fresh tomato and olive oil accompanied by a coffee. Not to worry, tea is also served, but if not British or a speciality fruit tea, can be awful. Most cafes also serve regular sandwiches, baguettes, salads, full meals and a choice of drinks that can be eaten in or taken away. For a choice of tempting bakery treats, just follow your nose!

Popular Takeaways

Pizza seems to be the preferred takeaway choice with local Spaniards. This is evident in the many takeaways and Italian restaurants in the town. If you fancy a pizza or pasta dish and can't find a dedicated pizza takeaway, just pop into one of the many restaurants and they will be happy to do you a takeaway. Another popular choice with locals is rotisserie chicken. These delicious, tender  roast chickens have also caught on with many visiting holidaymakers. It's impossible to eat one without getting messy, making them the perfect takeaway to eat on the beach.

A British favourite after a night on the beer is a good old artery clogging kebab. Try Restaurante Kebab Casa Palermo on Calle Francisco Santamaría or Doner Kebab Joyia on Carrer Dean Llopez. For both pizza and kebabs right on the beach, try Zana Kebab next to Club Windsurf Santa Pola. Backing the marina is the all time favourite Burger King. For McDonald's you will need to head further into town. This is located on Av. Salamanca near the roundabout. No matter what you fancy to take away, remember Spanish restaurants are flexible and will always offer food to go.