Tabarca Water Taxi

Tabarca Water Taxi are located in Santa Pola marina and offer fast and safe passage to Tabarca Island. Tabarca is the only permanently inhabited island on the Costa Blanca and lies around 5 nautical miles from mainland Santa Pola. The island was once a haven for marauding Barbary pirates in days of old. Today it enjoys a rather less frightening reputation as one of the Costa Blanca's most popular tourist attractions. There are several boat and ferry trips to Tabarca from various mainland towns and cities. However, a Tabarca water taxi will get you there in 15 mins.

Tabarca Water Taxi

Based in Santa Pola marina, Tabarca Water Taxi are a fairly new company which was launched in 2014. They have seen great success ever since and their distinctive canary yellow boats can be seen plying the waters between the mainland and island on a regular basis. They operate two boats, one with a capacity for 32 passengers and the other with a capacity for 48 passengers. The company offer a variety of boat trip options, some including a meal and snorkelling gear. They also offer services for a range of special occasions such as birthdays and stag & hen parties.

Tabarca Water Taxi Timetable

Departures From Santa Pola – 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00, 15:30

Departure From Tabarca – 10:30, 14:00, 16:30, 17:15

Boat Trip Options

Boat Trip Only – Return ticket 10€.

Boat Trip + Snorkelling Gear – Return ticket + one day rental of snorkelling gear 20€.

Boat Trip + Seafood Paella – Return ticket + appetiser, salad, paella, bread, dessert, drink 25€.

Boat Trip + Caldero (Traditional Fish Stew) – Return ticket + appetiser, salad, caldero, bread, dessert, drink 30€.

Boat Trip + Seafood Paella + Snorkelling Gear – Return ticket + appetiser, salad, paella, bread, dessert, drink + one day rental of snorkelling gear 35€.

Boat Trip + Caldero + Snorkelling Gear – Return ticket + appetiser, salad, caldero, bread, dessert, drink + one day rental of snorkelling gear 40€.

Please Note: All prices increase slightly between the months of July to September. All boat trips and prices may be subject to change.