Street Market

Santa Pola Street Market is just one of many that can be found throughout the Costa Blanca. Street markets are commonplace in Spain and not just for picking up trinkets or gift items. Many locals treat these as others would a supermarket, browsing the various stalls for all their weekly fresh produce. Being a coastal town, Santa Pola is also home to a bustling Fish Market. Here the  daily indoor auction rings with the cries of bidders, and outside are stalls for the general public. If not visiting on market days, there is also a daily Central Market packed with great products.

Santa Pola Street Market

Santa Pola Street Market is located in the town centre close to the Tourist Information Office and Red Cross clinic. It is open each Monday and Saturday from around 09:00 – 14:00. However, on Mondays there is very little or no fresh produce on offer but rather just non-consumable items. On Saturdays a good selection of food and fresh produce take centre stage at the Street Market. When browsing the market visitors can combine their day with a wander around Palmeral park. Among the park's nature trails is the remains of a Roman villa to explore for those interested in Santa Pola's historical past. The Tourist Information Office also has some interesting literature.

Street Market Products

Visitors looking for gift ideas to take home should browse the clothing and leather goods for shoes. These are usually excellent quality and great value for money. The reason being, they come from neighbouring Elche that has the largest footwear industry in Spain. Leather goods in general are a great buy. Just check the stitching and linings are finished properly to avoid cheap knockoffs. Locally produced table linen and embroidery are also good value, as is the excellent variety of virgin olive oil. Another popular buy are fake designer wear and football strips.

Other products on display at Santa Pola Street Market include a good selection of fruit & veg. You will find fresh products such as various cuts of meat, fish and delicious seafood straight from the Fish Market. Following your nose will lead you to the bakery and cooked food stalls. Very popular with locals and holidaymakers alike are the delicatessen stalls. Huge haunches of Serrano ham come in different quality grades. Basic Serrano ham which is still very tasty can be bought for as little as 10€ per kilogram. If thinking of taking some home, be sure to get it vacuum packed. Also try the tasty chorizo sausage, other cured sausages, pickles, preserves and huge delicious olives.

Fish Market

Santa Pola Fish Market is fascinating to watch and makes for a pleasant evening during a stay in this lovely seaside town. Santa Pola has a rich seafaring history and to this day boasts one of the largest fishing boat fleets of any port on the Mediterranean sea.