Paragliding is a thrilling activity that allows you to soar like an eagle and experience unique views of Santa Pola and the surrounding areas. Santa Pola is a great destination for wind and board sports. This is especially true during the peak summer months when you will see stunt kites, kite surfing, windsurfing, parasailing and paragliding. There is also the chance to try a bit of surfing, although the waves are not very challenging. Stand up paddle (SUP) is becoming increasingly popular. This doesn't require waves or wind as you have your paddle to navigate. For a less trying water activity, kayaking is great fun and allows you to explore the lovely coastline.

Paragliding In Santa Pola

Unlike parasailing where you are attached to a cable and don't require any skill, paragliding needs expertise. This is the reason first time para-gliders always take to the skies in tandem. Paragliding seems to have taken over the older wind sport of hang-gliding. Not having a ridged frame that you are suspended from as in hang-gliding allows para-gliders a lot more flexibility. This in turn allows for a lot more freedom when flying and the chance to perform aerobatics.

Paragliding With Outbound Adventures

Fortunately for para-gliders trying the sport for the first time in Santa Pola, you won't be doing any crazy aerobatics. That is best left to the experts. Rather, you will take to the skies gently and with the breeze coming in from the sea, gradually soar ever higher. At all times you will be firmly strapped to your instructor. Once you have reached a desired height, your instructor will demonstrate manoeuvring the canopy. This allows you to travel far and wide, taking in the stunning views. From your lofty heights it's even possible to see Tabarca Island and Alicante. This thrilling air activity is offered by several companies including Outbound Adventures.

Snorkel Safari

A Snorkel Safari makes for a wonderful family day out during a visit to Santa Pola. Snorkelling is one of the cheapest water activities and can provide hours of fun for all ages.