Lo Rufete Adventure Park

Lo Rufete Adventure Park is the place for thrill seekers to enjoy a day out during a holiday in Santa Pola. Having said that, the park offers activities for all ages so if you're in a mixed group everyone can enjoy their day. Although Santa Pola has a great choice of things to do, it's always nice to get out and explore the surrounding area. The park lies near the shores of Lake Pedrera, around 40 minutes drive from Santa Pola. When planning your day, be sure to take advantage of the free facilities that Lo Rufete Adventure Park offer. As long as you are participating in one or more of their activities they offer free use of the swimming pool and their BBQ and picnic areas.

Lo Rufete Adventure Park Activities

Mini Golf – This is one of the cheaper and more relaxing activities offered at Lo Rufete Adventure Park. A favourite with older visitors, the 18 hole course features a variety of obstacles to tackle.

Eco Friendly Buggy's – Another activity of the park that can be enjoyed by the elderly and those with disabilities. These cute electric buggy's are a great alternative for exploring the hiking trails.

Quad Bikes – When an electric buggy just won't cut it, hit the nature trails on a nippy quad bike.  Lo Rufete Adventure Park have a dedicated circuit for the young ones and adults without a licence to enjoy quad biking. For those with a driving licence, the park offer 1 hour rides around the lake.

Horse Riding – For those who prefer the clip clop of horses hooves to the revving of an engine, the park offer several riding activities. There are 25 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour hacks around the lake's nature trails. They also offer private and group riding lessons. There is monthly livery in the stables or paddock, as well as daily boarding for cats and dogs.

Zip Wire – How about enjoying lake views while gliding above the tree tops on a zip wire. The wire has a length of 150 metres and a discount is offered when having two runs.

Archery – A discount is also offered when participating in 1 hour of archery practice. 30 minutes of archery is available and the range is monitored by a qualified instructor. After showing you the correct stance and bow shooting method, it's time to let those arrows fly!

Paintball Practice – A separate shooting range allows visitors to hone their paintball skills before the battle commences. Practice includes 100 paint balls and additional balls can be purchased.

Paintball – This is a popular activity at Lo Rufete Adventure Park. The battlefield takes up an area of 15,000m2 and has been specially designed to adapt to different battle scenarios. Included in the price of the activity are protective clothing, mask, gun and 100 paint balls. Charge for extras.

Kayaking – This is a favourite activity during the scorching summer months. The park's blue lake reservoir is the venue for kayaking, as well as turns on the fun giant hamster ball. Visitors can choose 30 minute sessions in 1 seater or 4 seater kayaks or 20 minutes in the hamster ball.

Lo Rufete Adventure Park Facilities

Mini Park – Within the main complex of the park is a fun mini park for kids and teens to enjoy. Experienced monitors organise a variety of team games and ensure the young ones stay safe. The mini park also has kids electric quads, a trampoline and a bouncy castle and slide.

BBQ & Picnic Area – After a day of thrilling activities, most visitors are hungrier than a bear out of hibernation! Lo Rufete Adventure Park have a dedicated area with a swimming pool, marquee and seating to enjoy your own BBQ or picnic. This is very popular with groups, team building days and birthday celebrations. The facilities are free to use when taking part in activities; just bring along your food and drink, cutlery, plates, and charcoal if you decide to have a BBQ.