Sports Clubs

Sports clubs in Santa Pola offer a variety of activities both on land and at sea. Some visitors regard their holiday as a time to relax, forget work for a while and enjoy the finer things in life. Others are more disciplined and try to avoid piling on the holiday calories. This needn't involve heart attack inducing gym workouts usually enjoyed by fitness fanatics and serious sports enthusiasts. The sports clubs and facilities in Santa Pola provide both fun and a bit of exercise.

Santa Pola Water Sports Clubs

Most water sports are really enjoyable and will give you a good workout without you realising it. Even the thrilling activity of jet ski rides works many muscle groups. The same can be said for the more sedate activity of kayaking. For a good selection of water sports clubs, sailing clubs and scuba diving operators, head to Santa Pola Marina. We have covered most of the water sports and activities available in the marina and surrounding beach areas in several separate articles.

Santa Pola Sports Clubs

The town's two main sports clubs are located right next to each other on Av. Valencia. Both have football stadiums and athletic tracks and facilities. They often feature fun and competition sports days for local clubs and schools. These make for great family days out for many of the local residents and visitors are welcome to come along. Just a short stroll from these two clubs on Av. de Murcia is Parc Infantil de Tráfico. This is not exactly a sports club but rather a specially designed area for children to learn road safety when riding their bicycles.

Santa Pola is also home to several gymnasiums that offer a daily rate for visiting holidaymakers. One of the gymnasiums features a boxing club which will give you a serious workout. For a more sedate sporting activity, head for Club de Petanca Santa Pola. Petanca is a fun and very social activity favoured by locals and visiting Scandinavians. It's similar to a more relaxed style of lawn bowls. However, it is played in smaller courts with a surface of sand, packed dirt or fine gravel.

Golf Courses

Golf courses sprinkle the Costa Blanca like green oases, beckoning visitors to Santa Pola to go out and take up the challenge.